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Save the Habitat 

Utah Strategic Habitat Conservation Issues for the Future

  • Forest Quality - quantity, composition shift, invasives, wildfire risks
  • Grassland Quality - quantity, land conversion (loss of native grasses), non-native and invasive species
  • Streamside Area Quality - quality, lack of cottonwood reg., invasive species, along rivers and streams

40,000 Acres Conserved/Enhanced

Utah has enhanced 88,708 acres since September, 2014

  • Forest Quality – Improve 20,000 acres 
  • Grassland Quality – Improve 15,000 acres
  • Streamside Area Quality – improve 5,000 acres

Identify four Focal Landscapes: Central Utah Forests, Lasal-Abajo Uncompahgre, South Hills, Upper Snake River/Bear River, Uinta Basin?

Enhance targeted habitat conservation acres in these focal landscapes through expanded partnerships.

Increase current project match on habitat conservation projects.

Increase current Super Fund balance by 50% to meet objectives for land acquisition projects AND habitat.

Save the Hunt

Utah Strategic Save the Hunt Issues

  • Hunter Education - Lack of active instructors, opportunity for student/instructor certification
  • Hunter Access - More hunters requires more areas to hunt, access to federal lands
  • Families Afield/Barriers - Legislation needs friendly to hunters, reduced fees

Create 2,800 New Turkey Hunters

Improve Public Hunting Access by 10,000 Acres

  • 10,000 acres via land acquisitions, support of state-sponsored access programs and improving access to federal lands