The NWTF is dedicated to the conservation of the wild turkey and the preservation of our hunting heritage

Mission Statement

 For as long as I have been involved with the NWTF, 26 plus years, this idea has guided this great organization and our goals moving forward. I feel very fortunate to be surrounded by such inspirational people from the national board right on down to our state board and local committee members.  A few years ago the individual states were tasked to come up with a plan to accomplish a 10 year initiative, Save the Habitat, Save the Hunt. Each State is unique in their needs to accomplish the initiative and the needs for each region are very different. Our State board worked very hard to come up with a plan to accomplish the goals required to STHSTH (Save the habitat. Save the hunt.) Check out our state plan on this web site. I have the privilege to serve with the best NWTF State board in the Nation! The people who represent NWTF members throughout Utah are passionate, professional, and dedicated to the NWTF mission. As of today Utah has surpassed one of our 10 year goals and we are on track to surpass others in the near future. We will have to rewrite our STHSTH plan because of our great volunteers and our success in meeting our goals! Utah is still moving wild turkeys around the state to suitable habitat, but we recognize the need that improved habitat is the key to long term success. Utah NWTF has partnered with the Utah DWR, USFS, BLM, and other conservation groups to reverse the negative trend that has been happening to our wildlife habitat over the past 30 years, the results have been very positive, rewarding, and successful. These projects benefit all wildlife, look around as you travel the State and you can see the work that has been done or is in progress. Millions of dollars have already been spent on these projects thanks in part to the generosity of those who attend banquets and events. Thank you.

Our JAKES (Juniors Acquiring Knowledge, Ethics, and Sportsmanship) program works with youth 17 and under to introduce them to the outdoors by informing, educating and involving youth in wildlife conservation and the wise stewardship of our natural resources. We have several events around the state each year, check this web page for more information. For $10 a year your child will receive 4 issues of JAKES Country magazine, a chance to win a hunt of a lifetime, a membership card and decal. Check out the bragging board for pictures of our events.

Our WITO (Women in the Outdoors) program is our NWTF sponsored female-focused outdoor skills training programs. Women who seek more quality time with family and friends will find that connection through our Women In The Outdoors events hosted by NWTF chapters around the state. Activities from hand to hand self defense, archery, fishing,  to scrapbooking are offered at these events as well as introductions to hunting. Again check out the bragging board for pictures of some of the WITO events.

In closing I would like to thank all of our volunteers and our national personnel for the opportunities I have had to interact with such passionate, dedicated people as those who get involved with the National Wild Turkey Federation! Everyone works hard for wildlife and conservation unselfishly and with no expectations of payment or special treatment. They do it for the satisfaction of seeing the results of their hard work pay off for generations to come! The more you get involved, the more satisfying the work is!

David Worwood

Utah State Chapter President NWTF