Conservation Permits and Locations

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Date: January 20, 2018
Contact: Craig Blake, 435-979-6580
Permits: Bull Elk, Mt. Dutton  Any Legal Weapon
              Southern Turkey


Date: February 9, 2018
Contact: Clay Shelton, 801-358-1715
Permits: Buck Deer Book Cliff (North & South) Any Legal Weapon                              Central Turkey, Southern Turkey


Date: February 24, 2018
Contact: Collin Smith, 435-241-0188
Permits: West Desert Vernon Buck Deer - Season Choice, Central Turkey


Date: March 3, 2018
Contacts: Lynn Worwood, 801-368-5834; Dave Worwood, 435-580-9004
Permits: Wasatch Mountain Bull ELK Any Legal Weapon, Central Turkey (2), Statewide Turkey


Cedar City
Date: March 3, 2018
Contact: Ron Maclntosh, 435-463-0268
Permits: Bull Elk, Panguitch Lake Any Legal Weapon, La Sal Bear Multi Season
Southern Turkey (2) 


St. George
Date: March 23, 2018
Contact: Kent Danjanovich, 801-231-9838
Permits: Bull Elk, Beaver, East Any Legal Weapon, Southern Turkey


Date: March 30, 2018
Contact: Kevin Richins 435-823-0391
Permits: Bull Elk Book Cliffs, Bitter Creek/South Any Legal Weapon Buck Deer, South Slope, Diamond Mountain - Season Choice, Northeastern Turkey (2),Yellow Stone Bear


Heber City
Date: April 20, 2018
Contact: Chris Bullock, 435-731-0107
Permit:  Book Cliff -Archery


Date: June 22, 2018
Contact: Jeremy Ellis, 435-230-4672


Spanish Fork
Date: April 7, 2018
Contact: Chris Brittain, 801-472-3623
Permit:  Cougar, Wasatch Mountain, Currant Creek and Wasatch Mountain West Limited Entr